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Mailing List and Archive Usage @ W3C
... W3C hosts hundreds of mailing lists and archives, many of them public, for the benefit of the Web ... Archives of mailing lists concerning World Wide Web development and discussion ...

NetBSD Mailing Lists
... Project provides a variety of public mailing lists to facilitate communication between the users and ... All of the mailing lists are served by the Majordomo mailing list management ...

Debian -- Mailing Lists
Select a server near you: Australia. Austria. Brazil. Bulgaria. China. Denmark. France. Germany. Hong Kong. Indonesia. Italy. Japan. Netherlands. Russia. South Africa. Spain. Ukraine. United Kingdom. United States. Mailing Lists. Introduction. Basic use

TILE.NET - Email List Directory - News & FTP Directory - Internet Reference
... TILE.NET/LISTS. The Reference to Internet Discussion & Information Lists ...

Site not found.
Site not found. This is an ex-website. .

Topica: Email Marketing Software
Topica Email Marketing Software - Topica's Direct Email Marketing Solution boosts lead generation, increases conversion rates, and shortens the online sales cycle as the email marketing campaign ... Looking for our Free Discussion Lists? Click Here. ... Free Discussion Lists. We host over 40,000 discussions ...

The compgeom mailing lists
The compgeom mailing lists. This is an explanation of the compgeom mailing lists. This file can be obtained by sending email to with the message. send readme. in the body or Subject: line.

Gentoo Linux -- Gentoo Mailing Lists
... Gentoo Handbook. Resources: Mailing lists. Discussion forums. Official Gentoo IRC channels ... project has a number of public mailing lists, covering a variety of Gentoo-related subjects ...

World Wide Web Mailing Lists
... W3C World Wide Web Mailing Lists. These are mailing lists provided by the W3C for discussion and development ...

PHP: Mailing Lists
search for in the. function list. whole site. online documentation [en] bug database. general mailing list. developer mailing list. documentation mailing list. Mailing Lists. There are many PHP-related mailing lists available on our server. ... getting help | mailing lists | reporting bugs | sites ...

The Patrin Web Journal - Patrin Mailing List
... Other Mailing Lists: RomNews Network Online hosts several mailing lists. Topics include current events, history, politics ...

GCC mailing lists - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
GCC mailing lists. The GCC project has many mailing lists, which are archived on the web (and searchable) as well as in mbox format. Announcement lists: - Mailing Lists
Plone has several mailing lists where you can ask questions, discuss Plone in general, and get useful guidelines on how to approach specific problems you might have. ... ZopePythonWhat's NewHow-to/TutorialsOnline ChatAPIsMailing ListsMigration between DevelopmentEventsPlone Foundation ... any junk mail by posting to the Plone mailing lists or newsgroups ... Mailing Lists for PostNuke Content Management System
My Favorites. Home ---- Foundries ---- Clustering. Distributed Computing. Linux on Large Systems. my software map. donate to Login via SSL. New User via SSL. Search. Software/Group. People. - Resources
... Report Bugs. Mailing Lists. User Groups. License ... There are several Zope mailing lists available. Zope Corporation-hosted mailing lists are maintained with Mailman ...

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists provide qualified leads in every category imaginable! All mailing lists are 100% current & deliverableGuaranteed ... rates on mailing lists, telemarketing lists, email lists, and fax number lists ... Lycos Mailing Lists - LookSmart. Mailing Lists - MSN Mailing Lists - ODP Mailing Lists - Webcrawler ...

CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists
CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV® lists. Last update: 26 Jul 2004. 71,050 public lists. out of 346,033 LISTSERV lists. Welcome to CataList, the catalog of LISTSERV lists! ... of the 71,050 public LISTSERV lists on the Internet, search for mailing lists of interest, and get information about ... Check mailing lists of interest to list owners. ... Mailing Lists
Red Hat Linux is the centerpiece of a complete solution that includes software, support, training, and services. We feature a broad range of solutions to serve a broad range of customers--from ... Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on ... If you are having trouble using the lists, please contact ...

KDE Homepage - KDE Mailing Lists
K Desktop Environment Homepage, ... Location: KDE Homepage / Mailing Lists. Settings | Sitemap | Help | Contact Us. Skip to Link Menu. KDE Mailing Lists. KDE has several mailing lists1 up ...

OpenBSD Mailing lists
the OpenBSD mailing list page ... Mailing Lists. Mailing lists are an important means of communication among users and developers of ... considerate of other subscribers on the mailing lists. Plain text, 72 characters ...

The Jakarta Site - Mailing Lists
Apache News. Apache Wiki (Obsolete) Japanese. Korean. JPackage. FreeBSD Java Ports. Planet Apache. A mailing list is an electronic discussion forum that anyone can subscribe to. ... to everyone who is subscribed to that mailing list. Mailing lists provide a simple and effective communication mechanism ... welcome to join any of our mailing lists. You can choose to ...

MySQL Lists
... For more information about the mailing lists, please review our list of frequently asked questions. ... your questions from one of our mailing lists, one option is to pay for ...

Debian Mailing Lists -- Index
Debian Mailing Lists. Please see the introduction to Debian mailing lists for more information on what they are and how they can be used. There are list indices for the following types of mailing lists: Users. Developers

Yahoo! Groups
Yahoo! Groups - Free, easy email groups

Internet Photography Lists with Subscription Instructions
Several Photography & Imaging oriented mailing lists on the Internet. If you would like to engage in discussions about photography and imaging you might consider subscribing to an e-mail discussion group. ... There are a big bunch of mailing lists devoted to various aspects of the field ...

Apple - About Apple - Mailing Lists
Welcome to the Apple mailing list directory. This directory will help you locate mailing lists of interest to you. Mailing lists are a service which sends you information via e-mail. ... receiving a mailing list, you have to unsubscribe from it. Mailing lists will send you information on how to ...

Linux Mailing Lists
Linux Mailing Lists. Last updated: 12/20/01. Important Notice!!! Automatic subscription from this page is not working now... ( due to some abuser...) ... If you want to unsubscribe, then click . Mailing lists served by majordomo are well supported, but others like listserv ...

... Support. Mailing lists. Newsgroups. IRC. Web Resources ... Mailing lists. Mailing lists are the primary communication channels for the FreeBSD community, and cover many topic areas ...

Mailing Lists
... CVS Repositories. Mailing Lists. Reference. Legal Stuff. Contact Info. Mailing Lists ... You are welcome to join any of these mailing lists (or all of them if you wish). You can ... Mailing Lists Mailing Lists. Welcome! Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on

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