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football history
AFL HISTORY. July 10- 1858- Tom wills wrote a letter to the magazine Bells Life and is published, calling for creation of football clubs. July 31- 1858- A Game of Football was played between Wills and friends in the Richmond paddock. ... Victorian Clubs to merge. 1990- The V.F.L. Victorian Football League is changed to the AFL Australian Football ...

Danish Australian Football League
... Preferred Supplier to DAFL Clubs ... Football has been played competitively in Denmark since 1991. From the humble origins of three clubs ... Australian Rules football competition outside ...

melbourne demons
Official site. Club history, player profiles, multimedia, statistics, results, ladder, fixture, photo gallery and news.

AFL Clubs | Australian States | International | National sites | Portals | Australian Rules, The Game. Early History of Australian Football from the IAFC

Welcome to our football web site. here you will find the history and info of all AFL clubs also legends of the game and your favourite football heroes.

American Football - AFL on SPORTQuest
SPORTQuest for information on American Football - AFL ... AMERICAN FOOTBALL - AFL. Clubs and Teams (6 ...

AFL football Clubs in Cairns North Queensland Australian
AFL Clubs, Football, motorcycle club, racing club, nudist clubs, golf club and more lists Clubs addresses and phone numbers of Clubs Cairns Australia ... AFL Clubs in Cairns Australia - Cairns Holiday & Getaway Guide ... Cairns Australian Football League Social Club Ltd ...

AFL Football - Aussie Rules
Australian AFL football is truly a great patriotic game - get the latest gossip and information free here. ... Make Selection. Australian. Football Clubs. Australian. Football. Sport Betting ... Australia's AFL Football (Aussie Rules) is the most popular football code in Australian sport ...

st kilda football club
Official site. Player information, club history, membership details, multimedia, results, fixture, league ladder, statistics and news.

AFL Aussie Rules Football news TV show
Aussie Rules Footy online TV show AFL PCU. Watch Australian Football League comical commentary online. AFL news, tips, footy views and more, free. Following every game for the 2003 season to the ... AFL Australian Rules Football. Online TV Show AFL PCU. AFL 2003, Australian Football League, premier ... competitions on AFL PCU. AFL Australian Football League Teams and Clubs Guide ...

Australian Rules Football Frequently Asked Questions 1/4
... Football League or AFL is the national league for Australian Rules Football in Australia. It consists of 16 clubs that ... Eight clubs formed the Victorian Football League on ...

Australia Online - Australian Rules Football
4 part Guide to Australian Rules Football. Version 1.4 Part 2 of 4 Last Updated: May 1996. This Version (1.4) has been modified for HTML by Darryl Harvey - 16 December 1995. 2.0. What is the Australian Football League ? ... Football League or AFL is the national league for Australian Rules Football in Australia. It consists of 16 clubs that ... Eight clubs formed the Victorian Football League on ...

Football Galore
Welcome to Football Galore, a complete website for fans of all sorts of football. The site's expanding regularly, so visit often to stay on top of the game. ... EDITOR'S NOTE: Football Galore invites fan clubs of AFL, af2 and NIFL teams to participate in its new ... amount of fan support. Today, Football Galore takes a look at the ...

UK Sports categories on SportFocus - Alphabetical begining with f
... Football Governing Bodies - Scotland UK. Football - 2 - English Clubs and Associations - England UK ... Football - 5 - Scottish Amateur Football Clubs - Caledonian AFL UK. Football - 5 ...

north melbourne kangaroos
Which Australian AFL team do you follow - get the best information of your favourite football clubs here. ... Home. Australian. Football Clubs. Australian. Football. Sport Betting ... The strength of AFL. Australian Football could never have survived without the success of the club and the continuing ...

... Australian Football is played in every Australian state and territory, with the 'real ... away group of clubs formed the forerunner of today's AFL, the Victorian Football League (VFL ...

Official website for the team includes club history, news, coach information, player profiles, training times, picture galleries, match videos, and membership details.

... The new Spalding AFL official football has a ... Football League club. The AFL board of directors is largely comprised of the owners or executives of the league's clubs ...

bomberland :: The Official Website of the Essendon Football Club
The Official web site of the Essendon Football Club

AFL Football all Clubs
Click on your team to go to their Home Page. Follow their Links or Go to Google for any other information. AFL Main web page. Melbourne AGE Real Footy. Taking the out of sport: The Bladder

Australian Rules Football: Point Me To It!!!
Reources and links on Australian Rules Football, also known as footy. ... Football LeagueAFL. AFL Queensland. Australian Women's Football League. Diamond Valley Football LeagueDVFL. Eastern Football ... Geelong Football League ... AFL. South Australia National Football ...

USAFL | United States Australian Rules Football League
... heavily promoting Australian Rules Football at the 2004 Australian Festival ... group of volunteers for clubs not only to grow, but ... make sure that the AFL continues to work with us ...

FAQ- The AFL, professional-level footy
Subscribe. AFANA Info. Feedback. FAQ Sections. How did the AFL start? Why did the VFL admit interstate teams and expand? Why did the VFL change its name to the AFL? Who runs the Australian Football League? What Teams are part of the AFL? ... Football Leagues. Australian Football League Clubs. Major Awards. Significant Players in the AFL. Miscellaneous/Trivia ...

Victorian Rules Football - Entry
Victorian Rules Football. Populi Ludos Populo - the game of the people for the people. In 1996 when the original of this exhibition was presented at the State Library of Victoria, there was much to celebrate. ... of the Victorian Football League (VFL)/ Australian Football League (AFL). This 'the game of the ... formed the Victorian Football League. These clubs were th e stronger clubs of the ...
... AFL Clubs. Official Sites: Adelaide Crows. Brisbane Lions ... ABC Sport - AFL News. Sportal - AFL Football. ...

Ubersportingpundit: AFL Perestroika
February 11, 2004. AFL Perestroika. Beneath the still surface, there's been a change in attitudes in football policymaking circles in Australia. ... major changes in the next few years in the way Australian football clubs do their business ... In Australia, the football clubs are mere vassals of the AFL, and all the ...

AFL Australian Football betting 2004 preview
Preview of AFL Australian football betting (Aussie Rules) season 2004 from Centrebet Australia. ... Betting on Australian Rules Football (AFL) has become a favourite pastime for ... The dominance of non Victorian clubs in 2003 has made the Melbourne based clubs more determined ...

Footy HQ - All the News, All the time! - Web Links
Australian Rules Football Portal Site covering ALL news, ALL the time! ... Report Broken Link. Category: AFL Clubs/Carlton Football Club/Carlton Football Club ... Report Broken Link | Details. Category: AFL Clubs/Carlton Football Club/Carlton Football Club ...

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